The Tea Spot

Steeping Cup

The Steeping Cup is a modern gaiwan rendition - with cup, infuser, and lid handcrafted in porcelain. The cup contours sit comfortably in your hands - making these cups ideal for white and green teas steeped at less than boiling temperatures. The large-volume infuser allows room for leaf teas to unfurl and release their full flavor and aroma into the brew. Porcelain allows the natural taste of the loose leaf tea shine while the white glaze inside every cup shows off the natural color of the brew. The Steeping Cup allows you to serve your family and friends single servings of tea to suit their individual tastes. Features: Handcrafted ceramic tea cup Lid doubles as saucer for the infuser Lead-free & Cadmium-free Dishwasher-safe Capacity: 10 oz ceramic cup

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