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Baby Hair & Nail Care Set

Our baby brush and comb set is ideal for gently grooming your baby’s hair. The bristles are super soft, the comb is blunt-edged, the set is lightweight for home and on-the-go, and made from all-natural wood and bristles.

Baby Nail Brush gently cleans baby’s nails, it's soft natural bristles are for comfort and perfect for the little fingernails, the wood handle is easy to grasp.

The baby nail clipper is perfect for clipping your baby’s nails to prevent scratching. The safety handle is easy to grip, it's small size is perfect for the little fingers, the extended safety guard keeps your little one safe.

Baby's nail scissors trim your baby's nails to prevent self-scratching. It has a stainless steel cutting edge with a rounded tip for safety. Ideal for the little fibers, curved handle for easy and controlled cutting.

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