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3-Week Online Detox Program

The next Program is May 3rd, 2020.

Detox is more than what you eat (or don't eat). In this whole-body detox program, you'll not only learn how to help your body use nutrition and it's natural detoxing power, but you'll also get an overview of emotional and environmental toxins and their effects on the body. As well as ways to neutralize the effects.


What you get with each option:

  • Audio classes throughout the program where you'll learn how to navigate over the next 3 weeks, you'll also learn more about cleansings and the way the body cleanses and detoxes. You'll learn about reducing exposures to toxins in your food and your environment. Lastly, you'll learn some coping techniques to use with emotional toxins like stress.
  • Weekly planner
  • Weekly recipes
  • Grocery List (not everyone has the same tastes!)
  • Worksheets and handouts

There will also be a Facebook group because I've found that the support of a group builds strength. Access to the group along with other important info will be given in your welcome email the day before the program starts.