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25 Tools for Goddesses Book

The Wellness Universe guide to Complete Self-Care: 25 Tools for Goddesses is the 4th book in a beautiful series of books that give readers tools for dealing with many of life's typical challenges. This book is filled with 25 amazing stories and tools to help you step into the powerful Goddess you already are! I wrote chapter 23, Calming the Inner Mental Storm (How to Become Your Best Friend), and created a companion journal with it. 

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Review of Chapter 23:

Simply put, amazing! Nikki compassionately communicated personal thoughts, experiences, and feelings as if they were my own. "Calming the Inner Mental Storm" supports readers through the full range of emotions with relatable storytelling. I was so appreciative for easy tools I am now applying to help become my own best friend. Reading this chapter assured me that that I am not alone in my experiences, gave hope, and empowered me to create better days to live a more authentically fulfilling life. This book is sure to be the gift that keeps on giving."

Aundrea D. Veney
Founding Director of SAVDA World Inc & CEO at ADVAS Oasis.


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