Zen Life Program

What is it?

Because our mission is ensuring that you continue to (or start) incorporating self-care into your everyday life, we created this program just for you! Wellness is indeed a lifestyle, not a few events that you make time for. For things to flourish, they must be cultivated and that includes good health and well-being (mentally, physically, etc). It's the only way to ensure that all the other things that matter most to you continue to thrive. The hope is that this program makes it easier to create that environment of growth.

Why sign up?

Be Well with Nikki collects your contact information in order to keep in touch with you primarily via email but we may check in with you from time to time via snail mail. We certainly encourage you to join our social media community by following us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest.

Emails are generally sent weekly and contain information regarding exclusive special offers, new product releases, helpful information, important events and workshops.

Signing up to the Zen Life program gives you the added benefit of accruing points on your purchases. You receive 100 points just as a thank you for signing up and 200 for referring a friend/family. (When you refer them, they receive a 10% off coupon in their inbox, so make sure you let them know to look for that unique code). For every dollar spent, you will earn 1 point. Codes expire 12 months from purchase date.

Points are accrued and redeemed by going through your personal link that will be emailed to you. You can also redeem them when you visit us at any of the popup shows that we do!

From time to time we may choose to reward our outstanding customer care customers with extra bonuses. We reserve the right for these bonuses to change from month to month and year to year.

How to sign up: