Speaking & Appearances

Nicole on her live showTalks and workshops designed to impact and inspire change. Whether you're looking for a podcast guest, interactive workshop or keynote speaker, Nicole will invoke thought that inspires the listener or participant to explore their world, discover new insights and take decisive action towards a better version of themselves.

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Vision Quest: This is ideal for businesses, entrepreneurs and teams who are looking to achieve goals in a shorter period of time. We use the Draw Your Future process. 

Quiet & Stillness: This is ideal for the businesses, entrepreneurs and teams who have high levels of stress and anxiety and it's affecting performance.

Wellness Challenge:

Cleanse to Clarity & Beyond: This is ideal for the businesses, entrepreneurs and teams who have realized the impact that poor health can have on performance at work and are looking for a fun, impactful and lasting solution to lower health & premium costs.


Mindset Mastery: This is ideal for businesses, entrepreneurs and teams who notice a need for a mentality and mindset shift so the team can move to the next level.