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Our Services

90-Day Wellness Program

Designed to change your relationship with food using food psychology, training I've received from functional medicine physicians, functional nutritionists, and personal experiences.

Corporate Wellness

Designed to help your employees feel their best so they can do their best. The holistic approach addresses more than what they eat, it address sleep and stress and many other factors that affect the quality of life.

Private Coaching

Dig deeper into what's holding you back from achieving your vision. Let's work together to find a way that empowers you to do what it takes to realize your goals.

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Virtual & On-Site Workshops

Our single-day immersion workshops are designed to allow hands-on real time learning in a group setting. There's something to be learned from every person we meet. The group setting enhances the learning experience.

Group Coaching

Group coaching has been shown to create the greatest success stories. In our judgement-free zone, you're free to explore, learn, grow, and achieve with the support of everyone in the group. 

Self-Paced Health & Wellness Courses

Our health-themed courses are short courses designed to educate so that you no longer worry about making the right choice when you grocery shop. 

Our wellness-themed courses center around lifestyle habits that affect your quality of life (mindfulness, sleep & stress are the top course topics)

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