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Acorelle Eau Fraiche

What is an eau fraiche anyway? Well, in case you didn't know, there is a strict hierarchy of fragrance families. Perfume (eau de parfum) is legally required to be a minimum of 8% fragrance; Eau de toilette is 4 to 8% and eau de cologne or eau fraiche are 2-4% fragrance. Lighter, fresher, not so overpowering and, consequently, very affordable! Acorelle eaux fraiche come in all the 6 most popular fragrances.

Absolu Tiare: Experience the exotic blend of orange, Shiu, and ylang ylang. This blend brings you balance and peace of mind. 

Divine Orchid: Oh so sweet top notes of pear, peach, hawthorn, and iris are highlighted by patchouli and the sensuous balsamic notes of Madagascan vanilla. A calm, relaxing scent.

Lotus Dream: Composed of the varied notes of lemon, bergamot, orange, and tangerine. Its initial notes are zesty and soft while the after scent is lengthened by a soft relaxing woody chord combining patchouli and cedar.

Neroli Infusion: This fragrance encourages natural rest with its citrus chord (lemon and mandarin) and verbena scents. With its orange tree and discrete floral notes, Neroli Infusion is reminiscent of the sweetness of life.

Silky Rose: A light refreshing fragrance evoking a fresh bouquet of flowers with top notes of rose and geranium as well as fruity facets such as raspberry.

Tea Garden: A fragrance which harmoniously blends the freshness of citrus fruits—, lemon, and bergamot— with the subtle sweetness of Moroccan mint leaf. A rich powdery floral aspect comes from iris and patchouli, as well as Virginian cedar and Argentinean guaiac wood. An energizing fragrance indeed.

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