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Pocketless Microfiber Robe
Organic Cotton Jersery Knit Robe

What better gift to give than the comfort of a resort robe? But robes are kind of personal right? So if you know just a little bit about the person one of the easiest ways to choose a robe is to consider the lining and what that person (or you) may be looking to use the robe for (i.e. cozy in front a fire or on the terrace, relaxing by the pool or dry off more naturally after a hot shower or pool. We know we have a large selection of robes and that small bit of info can help narrow down choices. As always, you could email or start a chat message with us too! If you like to figure it out yourself, check out a few simple tips below:

  • Robes lined in Terry are most absorbent.
  • Plush lined are ideal for lounging around. They are super soft (like a teddy bear)
  • Waffle robes (unlined) are highly absorbent, dry easily & are light weight. Great for warmer climates or those who get warm easily, idea for the gym (won't be dripping all day in the metal wall locker).
  • Jersey 100% Cotton are unlined and light weight. They are a pool-side favorite or just something cool to wear around the house.
  • Velour and Terry Velour are not the best for absorbing, but they are certainly comfortable and cozy. If you want something in between lounging and drying so that you don't require 2 robes, your velour & terry robe may be a good fit for you.

When you shop our robes, you're sure to find something for anyone you're shopping for! Don't forget, we embroider logos, monograms, & names too! 


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