What's Stealing Your Energy? | Be Well With Nikki

Have you ever noticed you feel tired but don’t quite know why? Do you want more energy to be able to give your child the attention she needs when she asks questions about her homework or just in general. Energy to cook a balanced meal…where did it go? Things haven’t changed much…or have they. You could actually be mentally tired which can trick you into thinking you’re physically tired. Below I will talk about just 3 things that have been known to cause this type of exhaustion along with some ways to address them. The good news is, you don’t have to rearrange your life to make these small changes and the quality of your day can significantly improve.

Disorganization (guilty for many years). It’s quite exhausting having to constantly run around looking for things you need (keys, socks, keys….) Two things that can combat socks and keys are 1. Put your keys in a designated place every time you walk into the house (this will not happen overnight but keep with it)

  1. Match your socks as soon as they finish drying and if possible put them away at that time. If you at least match them at that time, you can pick up one sock from the clothes basket and have 2 automatically (black socks are our enemy!). You may also want to look into clothes markers (although if that encourages more disorganization, you may want to hold off until the organization habit is fully formed).

Bottom line here is, yes, the ever so boring consistency. I know, I like things to change every now and then but in this area, consistency is your best friend.

Running late (disorganization has caused this more times than I’d care to mention!) Do you find that you are always or more than half the time late? That creates a very draining stress, wouldn’t you agree? Being in a constant state of hurry activates that fight or flight hormone cortisone. If you’re not fighting or “flighting” keeping that hormone at bay will certainly reduce your drain (and body fat, but that’s another topic).

Combat this with planning (I know! So boring right?) Well planning enables you to also get more of your favorite things into your day. Most of the time you’re aware of a meeting, doc appointment, client appointments, teacher’s conference, and you always know what time you’re to be at work. That gives you a chance to plan ahead and consider all the things that could help and hinder you showing up on time. Preparing what you’ll wear the next day, your lunch, having your keys in the designated area, all of these will give you more time in the morning so that you’re not rushing.

Minimal to no Personal care (guilty, when I discovered its cruciality, I wanted this boutique to be a healing personal care source)

I’m sure you’ve heard the analogy of a car running on empty right? Well, your energy (emotional and physical) is not limitless. Constantly pushing yourself when the reserve is empty will wreak havoc in so many areas of your life. Resulting in nervous break downs, weight gain, migraines, sickness (cancer, flu, the common cold, etc). The cure? Regular personal care. Whether you’re exercising, taking cat naps, reading a good book, or having a kids-free cup of coffee with a friend, soaking in a bath, diffusing your favorite essential oils during your bath or read, do what you can to make yourself a priority. Not sure how often you fill up your gas tank, but I bet it’s more than “when I get a chance” right? Make an appointment with yourself. The more demanding your work and life schedule are, the more often you need to unwind.

Other draining things include Anger, Overwhelm, Guilt, Unfinished Projects (home or work), Clutter, Complaining friends, Over commitment, Pessimism, and Lack of Support. (I can cover these too if you’d like, just leave me a note).

Many times, we know what needs to be done, we just see it as “extra”. The key is making it part of your normal lifestyle so that you don’t have to find the time to make it happen. Instead, you make the time just as you do other essential things in your life (brush your teeth, you’re your bed, fill up your car….none of these are done just once or every now and then, they are done regularly). Creating new habits is not easy. Support makes it easier. If you need that extra push you may want to consider a life coach or a friend (not the negative one). A neutral voice and ear who can help you learn ways to declutter your life of all that’s draining you.