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How did you sleep last night? 5 Key Elements to a good night's sleep...

Studies have shown a direct correlation between sleep quality and your health (stress levels, nutritional habits, exercise routines, etc). If you've got new mattresses but you're still not feeling well rested, perhaps it could be your sheets and/or bedding.

A few things that have been known to disrupt your sleep include light (from anywhere in the home and from any source), noises, the smell of foods, feel of your mattress and/or bedding, cluttered room are just a few. While we can't help with the light, clutter, foods and noises, we can certainly help with smells, feels and overall atmosphere to promote a more restful sleep.

Here's a simple recipe (5 Key elements):
- Make the room as dark as you can
- Slightly cool (enjoy snuggling under your favorite blanket or throw)
- Certain essential oils promote a relaxation and calm (Lavender, Blended Oils like Calm, Peace, Relax, Sleep Tight, etc. Don't forget the diffuser!)
- Eco Luxe Sheets (These are designed to keep you cool and dry! They are water wicking, fast drying, eco-friendly sheets.)
- Maybe even some relaxing music (I suggest putting a timer on it so it's not playing all night as it may wake you prematurely.)

May you sleep well and have a productive day tomorrow!


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