Confidence Spoken in Silence

by Nicole Batiste

Confidence Spoken in Silence: a tale of what I experienced and learned through introspection and reflection.

He approached me, somewhat cautiously, asking personal questions, not so personal I would want to slap him but personal as if he was interested in getting to know me better. I answered some, not others as I kept working. He was sitting in a chair next to me. When he figured out he wasn’t getting anywhere, he wished me a good day, stood up, put his hands on my shoulders and walked away. I’ve been taken advantage of so many times because I didn’t speak up. Things escalate because when you say nothing, nothing is wrong right? Of course not but that’s the perception. Well, that seemed to be the past patterns but I’m no longer who I was. So very calmly yet with direct intention to prevent any escalation or misconceived perceptions, I got his attention, I remained in my seat, shoulders back, eyes locked on eyes, hands in triangle, I told him not to touch me like that again, it made me uncomfortable. His entire demeanor changed. He went from playa’ to humble and apologetic. If I had said those words in a different body position, it would not have been received the same way. I’ve said similar things to guys and I kept having to readdress the issue. I never had to bring that topic up again with this one. The silent confidence in the form of body language sends a powerful message. It says you respect yourself and expect others to do the same.

Why I speak of this today and how it relates to my coaching. Personal power plays a role in everything you do in life. Your dietary discipline, your mental health, your physical activities, your interaction with family, friends, co-workers, associates, everyone. And depending on what your goals are, a lack of personal power will directly interfere with the achievement of that goal. You can assert will power, yes. How long does that last? Just something to think about and potentially observe in your own life. Naturally the personal power is coupled with other things to help you achieve goals. In my opinion, that’s a key element and part of the foundation.

We never arrive, life throws things at you that will make you question yourself in many ways. Knowing that, however, is what enables you to use your personal power in a way that ensures you bend and not break. If you’ve lost yours, go reclaim it! If you assert yours, cheers to you! If you never realized you had it, discover it and step into it. 

Share one of your victorious stories below. Let's inspire each other together!

Love & Light,

Women displaying confidence with their body language


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