4 Simple Ways to Show your Employees you care this Labor Day | Be Well With Nikki

 Employee Team Work

1. Be consistent: While holidays are a great way and time to recognize people and their contributions, building loyalty and good moral is not a once a year event. It's a culture. Your employees will know you care by your and your manager's actions every day of the year. That builds a cohesive environment. Work atmosphere is a huge motivator in keeping or losing employees.

2 .Have Fun! Yes, work can be serious most of the time. It's important to break out and away from the office from time to time and relax among co-workers and supervisors. Learning the human side of people you spend a majority of your day with is an integral part of creating a team/family like environment.

3. Recognition: Labor day came about when workers wanted better treatment and working conditions because they were working so hard and in conditions that encouraged disease and sickness. While sanitary concerns have diminished greatly, hard working employees are still around. It's likely that you have some worth recognizing for going above and beyond. Showing appreciation and recognizing a work ethic that promotes cohesiveness and productivity certainly fosters an environment where teams will work together and all will strive for a common goal.

4. Reward with T-T: "Them Time": Relax a bit ...if work load permits, allow employees to take a paid day off to spend time doing anything but working.That rejuvenates them and increases their productivity when they return to work.

Americans don't know when to leave work at times. The hard workers need to know that taking off won't mean they aren't needed, in fact, quite the opposite. Take off so they will be at their best upon return. You may need to help nudge them out the door; they are likely not familiar with the practice of taking time to take care of themselves (especially your manager/supervisors...don't forget to do the same for yourself).

Naturally, a great way to encourage relaxation is with a gift card from All Zen Boutique. Our mission is to educate on the importance of wellness being a lifestyle rather than an event.

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We're looking forward to being a small part of a more productive work environment full of happy, energized, intrinsically motivated employees!

Zen Life Rules!
Nicole, Owner,
All Zen Boutique, LLC